A Personal Watch History + Giveaway with JORD Wood Watches

Momez - JORD Wood Watches

I have had only a few encounters with watches in the past.  Though they all are, for better or worse, quite memorable.

Here is a timeline for you:

1998 – Santa brought me a Baby G watch for Christmas. I was ecstatic that I now had a chance at being a cool kid.  Bonus: you could program up to 40 phone numbers into it. So cool.

2002 – My dad bought me a rhinestone Hello Kitty watch.  I loved it with all my heart.  Unfortunately, the band was about 1 inch too big.  It absolutely would not stay on my wrist.  I held onto it for the next 8 years, unable to part with it’s sparkly beauty.  During that period I wore it once, and eventually, it ended up in a Goodwill Box.  Why Sanrio made a man-sized rhinestone watch for little girls I will never know.

2012 – I was at a party with my dance team.  There was a younger girl on my team who was (slash is!)  a daughter figure to me.  She had a few drinks too many and puked on her new Michael Kors watch.  I slipped the watch off her passed out hand.  Then proceeded to clean vomit off it with upmost care.  I would do anything for that girl.

2017 – I was contacted by JORD Wood Watches who said they would like to partner with me.  When I received my sandalwood watch I was more ecstatic than the time I unwrapped my Baby G.  It is absolutely GORGEOUS. JORD also customized it to fit my wrist perfectly.  They make the process of sizing SO easy as well!  No ill-fitting Sanrio watch here!  (I would like to relate this paragraph to story #3 as well, but I have no plans of puking on it).

Since receiving the watch I have literally been wearing it everywhere.  It has perfect classy vibes.  It pairs so well with so many pieces in my neutral based wardrobe.  And I love that it is made out of wood!  The wood itself is so beautiful and special.  It is truly a unique watch!

Even more exciting is I am hosting a giveaway with JORD watches!  All those who enter will receive a gift voucher for $25 off. And one lucky winner will receive a gift voucher for $100 off!


To enter the contest follow this link:

JORD Wood Watches Giveaway

The contest ends on 3/5/17 so enter now! x


Momez - JORD Wood Watches

Momez - JORD Wood Watches

Momez - JORD Wood Watches

Momez - JORD Wood Watches

Watch: JORD Wood Watches | Dress: Zara | Shoes: New Look | Bag: Zara (similar)

Wooden Wristwatch

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