Shopping My Closet + Slip Dress Layers

Momez - Slip Dress

Recently I’ve been doing a lot more of “shopping my closet”.  I was reading a post title “Blog to Business” from Grey Layers last month and one of her keys she lists to her success is – “work with what you have.”  And I have seriously taken this to heart!

Before I started blogging, like 90% my closet consisted of work clothes I hated and basics for running errands I hated.  And although this piece of advice would not have worked for me then, I definitely have built up a solid wardrobe since!

One thing I struggled with a lot while blogging is questioning if reposting the same pieces would be a hindrance to growing my audience.  But personally, when I look at other bloggers’ content, I could care less if they post the same dress a few times.   If the outfit and photo are of quality I could look at the same piece a million times!

Anyway, this thought was sparked by this slip dress which is the first thing I ever posted on my blog. Lol.  It’s still going strong!  And I think it’s like PRETTY COOL to showcase it again in a different way.

If you are blogger, do you repost pieces? If you are a blog-reader, do you mind seeing the same pieces? Leave me a comment below or on IG!

Momez - Slip Dress

Momez - Slip Dress

White Slip Dress: Love Culture | Blush Satin Cardigan: Forever 21 (similar) (similar) | Suede Nude Ankle Boots: Public Desire | Bag: Asos (similar) (similar) | Marble Necklace: Slate (you can find this necklace at Rocksbox – use code “MOMEZXOXO” at checkout for a month free!)

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